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Kitten Rewards

Every time you purchase something in the Audio Store - or Sext with Kitten you can earn Reward Points! 

Points get you Prizes!!

To start gathering points click onto the 'Login' button top left of page and sign up (if you already have you're already collecting points!).

In the drop down menu when you're logged in you can check your points value.

When you have enough points to qualify for one of the rewards below

- the system will email you to let you know how to redeem.

Already a Member?  Think you have old points? - Check The Drop Down Login Menu Above.

NOTE:  Loyalty Points are available for sexting with Kitten - just email me after your session and

I will add them for you!

How to Earn Points

  • 1 point for every £1 you spend in the audio Store

  • 10 Points for Signing Up to the Site as a Member

  • 10 Points for Signing Up to the Newsletter (please inform me when you do)

  • 1 Point for every £1 you spend on Sexting with Kitten (email me to remind me after the session)


  • 10 Points = 10% Discount in Store

  • 30 Points = 30% Discount in Store

  • 50 Points = 50% Discount in Store

  • 150 Points = 30% Discount in Store & 5 Minute Custom Audio

(please inform me when you redeem this last one)

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