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So, What is 'Kitten's Club?

Simply put - it's a Patreon style monthly subscription service, a place to get 'more' Kitten

('more' is detailed below)

Can I sign up at another place for this content?
Yes - I now offer the content at Fansly (fully mirrors here)

(Link in Footer)

When can I join? & When can I leave?
Anytime you like!  
When you sign up you have instant access to all that's gone before.  I work on a month to month basis - but subscribers can come and go on a rolling basis.  You are in total control of it.  If you leave before your next payment date, you have until the end of the current period before the site denies access anymore.


Audio Rewards

Exclusive Erotic Audios (~2)* 

Kitten Playtime Audios (~1-2)**

Watch Porn with me Audios (~2)***

Kitten Rambles (~2)

Reading Smut to You Audios (~2)

Pic (not me) with Audio Accompaniment (~2)

Other Occasional Audio****

*Exclusive for 6 months - then available in site's audio store 

**Me, recording my personal playtime - unedited

***My audio response to a Pornhub Video + Pornhub link

****Trying new audio ideas out on you, sharing odd voice notes etc.,

For those wondering why no Livestream is being offered at this time - they are a lot of prep work & time differences make them inaccessible to many.  I would rather make more content. 

I will keep that decision under review, but I do not expect it to change anytime soon.

Other Rewards

Kitten Club Discord Server

Discord DM Kitten Access (within reason)

40% Store Discount

Flirty Kitten Posts*

Porn Recommendations (Pornhub)

Pics of Me (no full face)

Behind the Scenes Content**

Public Erotic Audio Idea Brainstorming***

Priority Email Access to Kitten****

Suggest ideas/audios/stuff to Kitten

You're name in Thanks on 'Free Erotic Audio' webpage

*Gif's, Pics (not me), YouTube Recommendations, stuff I like etc.,

**Pic's, bloopers, how I do stuff etc.,

***I will record those I like - credit will be given if you wish, when I post publicly

****Jump the Email reply Queue (within reason!)


Kitten's Club uses Stripe (same as my audio store) - and your statement will only show 'MK Audio'.

If you would prefer to use an alternative payment method - please email me @

  • Exclusive Kitten

    Every month

Note: You will be billed EVERY 1 or 3 Month(s) until you cancel your subscription. Any issues please contact

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