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Jerk Off Livestream Event

Date: Sunday 14th April 2024        Time:  2-4am UK Time       Location:  Live Via YouTube

If you can't attend live - consider signing up - those who pay in advance irrespective if they attend or not, will receive an Mp3 recording of the event - at a cheaper rate than those who buy it from the store thereafter (£30)

Event Details:

45 Minutes~ Jerk Off Encouragement from Kitten
then -
15 Minutes~ Kitten Getting Off Live

3-4am: Chat/Live interaction with Kitten 

Interaction encouraged via live chat / kitten will be on voice chat still.



Ticket Prices:
Non KC Members: £20   -    KC Club Members:  £18


Sign Me Up!!

Step 1:  Pay sign up fee either by sending it to Paypal:
- or via one of the 2 options in the Audio Store

Step 2:  Drop me a note at to let me know how you've paid and the email address you'd like the Youtube live link sent to so you can attend.

Any Questions/Queries - please email me at


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